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New Cali Strains Hit UK Shore

Thursday 24th October 2019

New Cali Strains Hit UK Shore

With the increasing amount of imported products landing on UK shore from America, How do they rate to old British strains, and also Dutch and European strains?

We have spoken to some dutch guys on our latest trip to the Netherland and to our surprise, they said it's all hype. The American's are good at marketing, If its not Star War cannabis names it ice cream flavors, or sweets we ate when we were young.

When asking about the famous blue cheese strain, This was rated as top draw strain, It appears to hit all notes, Very strong odor, acrid taste with cheese and blueberry flavour, You can smell it in the next street.

Given that it is a famous strain, we wanted to know how many crosses or hybrid have been created of the back of it.

So we have critical cheese, la cheese, Blueberry cheesecake, blue cheese, blueberry cheesecake haze, Cheese berry, Peaches n cheese, Royal cheese, Super cheese, Triple cheese, Garlic cheese, Blue Garlic Cheese, London cheesecake, Sweat Cheese, Strawberry cheesecake, Chinese cheese, Gouda, White cheese, Uk Cheese, Lemon cheese haze,Cream cheese, Badazz OG Cheese, Exodus Cheese, Cheese wreck,Chunky Cheese, Fromage Blue, Gorilla Glue #4 × blue Cheese, London Poundcake x Blue cheese, Forbbiden Cheese. Berries & Cheese, Cheese Haze, Franco's Lemon cheese, Cheese Mist, Cheese Candy, LA Blue Grape Cheese.Purple Cheese, Cheese Dog, Mango n Cheese, Cheese n Chong. Peanut butter berry cheese breath (PBBCB).

Also worth Noting was the new crosses coming from the Legendary Greenhouse Seed company from Netherlands, They have created new limited strains Mixing Swazi gold and cheese, Durban and many more strains.

To be honest the list can go on but you can see, The cheese strain is and will be here for a long time one of the most iconic UK strains ever found from a skunk afghan strain Hit with DJ Short Blueberry.