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Strainology is your exclusive online guide to the latest medical cannabis strains providing a wealth of information curated by our staff and presented in the most concise and organised form possible.

Using best practice research and testing procedures, we have created an extensive online archive featuring some of today’s most effective medical cannabis strains, all documented by genetic makeup, appearance, flavour, effectiveness as well as each specific strain’s unique medicinal qualities.

When you want real-world information that you can depend on for accuracy and results, choose Strainology today and experience the world of medicinal cannabis like never before!

What We Do

Headquartered in the UK and helping the medical cannabis community understand the various strains and their differences, Strainology was founded on over 40 years of industry experience and reputation. While medicinal cannabis use is growing on a global scale, there is still a lot of misinformation out there that can be confusing.

At Strainology, our mission is to remove that confusion making it easier for everyone to understand and find a cannabis strain that is right for them. We are a team of cannabis experts working together to help our fellow enthusiasts and provide them with the accurate, easy to understand the information they need.

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From our in-depth, up to date articles, to our extensively researched medical cannabis guide which includes all of the information our readers need to make them sound like a cannabis expert, Strainology is the judgement free online resource for today’s modern world. Join us today and see why we are the UK’s number one medical cannabis strain guide and join the thousands of supporters from all over the world who want to change the cannabis culture and make it acceptable in every city, on every continent in the world.

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